What are the best Products for Beginner Balance (and for Puppies and Seniors)?

The best FitPAWS products for a dog new to balance is the FitBones (original or Giant), Balance Pad, Balance Discs and the Ramp.

Other great products for beginners are the Flexiness®TwinDisc and Flexiness® SensiMats.


Do I need to do any warm up with FitPAWS® Conditioning and Training Equipment?

Watch this video -

Fitness Form Foundation Exercises with FitPAWS® Video


Durability and Care
Always inspect your FitPAWS® Balance Products before each use. Replace any products at the first sign of wear, tears or punctures. Do not attempt to patch the product. All punctured product should be replaced immediately. Storing your product on a stand can affect the quality of the product with wear use marks.

The length of time this product will last when used properly depends on the amount of usage. Inflatables are not designed for lifetime use and should be replaced every 1-2 years to ensure the quality of the product is not degraded. Life of the product is dependent on frequency of use and care.

Sunlight and cleaning products can alter the durability of your FitPAWS® Balance Products. Please store out of direct sunlight when not in use and use only warm water and a light soap to clean. Avoid using products like Simple Green, Lysol wipes, bleach and other harsh detergents on any of your inflatable balance products.
Do not store in direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold temperatures as they can affect the durability of the product.